Welcome to OSL Holdings

OSL Holdings is a development and technology company specializing in affluent, liberal markets with high disposal income. The OSL Holdings market is highly educated, responds to cause marketing initiatives and socially conscious business models and is technologically savvy.

OSL Holdings has two divisions: Cannabis OSL and Equality Rewards.

Cannabis OSL is a development platform centered on the development and financing of legal medical and recreational marijuana production facilities, marijuana related technologies and merchandise and operational services for legal medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries and distributors.

On March 10, 2014, the Company announced its entry into the legal marijuana market. The Company contracted with one of the oldest legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California, The Natural Way of LA, to develop it's brand and support expansion of its marijuana production facilities in California with branding, marketing, technology, logistics and financing. Throughout the country OSL intends to support The Natural Way and existing or emerging legal marijuana licensees with branding, technology, marketing, logistics and financing.

OSL intends to provide these support services in compliance with all federal, state and local laws as they evolve. At this time, OSL will not grow or sell marijuana, but intends to gain market share and create value for its shareholders by creating, marketing and licensing brands as well as acquiring and licensing production technology to legal & licensed growers and dispensers.

Our focus as a company will be in the advancement of five core business processes; 1) production & growing technology; 2) site selection & logistics; 3) retail & operations; 4) marketing & sales; 5)franchising & licensing. We will be creating a consistent brand, product, and logistics process as well as lead the way on technology, marketing and retail execution.

In addition, OSL intends to modify its Equality Rewards brand and technology platform to accommodate the needs of marijuana licensees and their consumer base. The Natural Way of LA has executed an exclusive marketing agreement with the Equality Rewards division of OSL committing to participate in Equality Rewards. OSL's goal is to provide the highest level of loyalty technology, design, branding and marketing to licensees nationwide. Successful execution of this plan requires contracting with or acquiring expert individuals and/or entities in each of those areas. Our ability to obtain adequate financing will be a large determinant of our success.

Equality Rewards is a platform agnostic rewards platform that capitalizes on the US$800bn LGBT market. Equality Rewards brings LGBT and LGBT allied consumers together with the businesses that support the community or are owned and operated by the community, all while generated deep data and valuable analytics.

Equality Rewards was developed in response to this generation’s greatest civil rights struggle. LGBT Americans are fighting for marriage equality, youth at risk, and more federal funding for HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and research.

Equality Rewards is part of the solution. Our real-time, portable rewards program empowers consumers to generate activism and advocacy with every commercial transaction.

Equality Rewards gives the more than 9 million LGBT Americans and millions more LGBT-allied consumers a voice, a mission, and a means by which to generate change.

Equality Rewards is a loyalty rewards program that enables LGBT shoppers to not only save money while shopping, but also be an active supporter for equal rights.

Business Units

Cannabis OSL intends to develop and provide solutions for the development and production of marijuana, the development and management of production technologies and facilities, warehousing, logistics, retail solutions and marketing.
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Launching June 7th - OSL Holdings Launches Equality Rewards Program With Numerous Southern California Partners.
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Shop4Equality is this generation’s clarion call; a movement dedicated to advancing LGBT civil rights through the power of commerce.
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