We believe we can grow Rewards, eCommerce, Strategic Sourcing and Social Tools for the Diversity Market.  The goal is to better position Suppliers to secure 1st and 2nd tier business opportunities with corporations as well as change the dynamics of the current system by driving suppliers to also buy from those same corporations and from others suppliers within the marketplace.

The thinkDIVERSITY Marketplace will enable corporations to confidently connect with diverse suppliers.  With over twenty years of experience as pioneers in the Diversity market, our Advisors have successfully utilized its accrued know-how to deliver dramatic revenue results; effective diversity programs; and high visibility PR. Utilizing our own “diversity marketplace methodology” thinkDiversity will deliver revenue results that will consistently exceeded our management’s expectations.  

Our goal is to be a leading market maker that creates an environment for commerce:  That is easy to use so that members can become proficient quickly; Has intuitive interfaces, reports and tools to reduce the learning curve; Provides a critical mass of participants so buyers can find the products and services they need, and sellers can locate interested buyers; Creates marketplace-to-marketplace interaction to give participants access to a larger or smaller "virtual" marketplace and audience as desired; Is functionality rich enough to perform the range of commerce tasks from searching, sourcing, bidding, dynamic pricing, tracking, auditing and authorization management to catalog management.

The Market

Diversity spending in corporate purchasing exceeded $104 billion in 2011 among Fortune 500 companies with an over $100 billion gap in target spend by these same corporations. These major corps are desperately trying to spend these additional diversity dollars to hit corporate mandates or contractual obligations. 

OSL provides the data and tracking tools to enable major corps to increase approved expenditures and profits while charging a transaction fee on all purchases.  Corporations need the aggregated tools and the low entry cost and tremendous upside will drive adoption. 

By 2015, Hispanics will spend $1.5 trillion on U.S. goods and services, according to the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth, 50 percent more than they spent in 2010. 

African Amerian buying power will expand by about a quarter, to $1.2 trillion by 2015 and Asian buying power will expand by about 40% to $775 billion by 2015.

The LGBT community spent $2 Trillion in 2012, according to Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc.

Additional Information

thinkDIVERSITY™ Datasheet

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thinkDIVERSITY™ LGBT Datasheet

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