OSL is introducing a rewards program that is innovative to other current programs in the market due to its portability between merchants, instant gratification for the consumer and the ability to allow for the support of causes through purchases as well as show consumer advocacy. 

One of the first diversity markets we are focusing is the LGBT community.  A few reasons we focused on this segment is that they still do not have their basic civil rights, and they are the only group also comprised of all of the other diverse segments (Hispanic, Disabled, African American, Women etc) as well as they collectively have the largest purchasing power among minorities of over $2 Trillion in spending last year.

The Rewards program generates revenue to OSL through a transaction fee on all rewards usage at retail locations.  Additionally OSL partners can issue rewards with ease while driving a revenue stream from their member bases through focused promotion on how members can use their rewards.

About the Equality Rewards™ Program:

Equality Rewards is a loyalty rewards program that enables LGBT shoppers to not only save money while shopping, but also be an active supporter for equal rights.

Equality Rewards is a win-win-win for shoppers, retailers, and the equal rights movement:
Shoppers feel good about shopping at local retailers, saving money, and supporting their causes.

Retailers gain traffic and loyalty among savvy consumers, and together, we elevate the visibility of the causes we believe in, by donating 10% of the profits.

Additional Information

thinkREWARDS™ Datasheet

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Equality Rewards Datasheet

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